Embedded Systems Competition (ESC) 2024

The Brazilian Embedded Systems Competition (ESC) is not just a competition, it's an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to develop and present innovative solutions of embedded technology for market applications. By participating, students can showcase their creativity, solve community problems, and contribute to Brazil's evolution of the embedded computing segment. The focus is on developing Embedded Systems for IoT in various application subareas, offering a platform for students to gain practical experience and recognition in their field.

The competition is organized in three phases:

  • First Phase: The teams should proceed with a project proposal and possibly early development of their projects to submit the project. The Project Submission Form template is linked below. It should contain as much technical information as possible about the project and information regarding the current development status and completion schedule. The deadline for this step is June 15th.

  • Second Phase: The submitted Projects will be judged, and the best ones will qualify for the finals. The qualified teams should deliver a report and a video presentation to be eligible for the online presentations, final contest, and prize. The deadline for this step is October 14th.

  • Final Phase: To be eligible for the presentations, final contest, and prize, the qualified teams must submit a comprehensive final report. This report should detail the project's development, challenges, and implementation solutions. It is a crucial part of the competition, allowing the judges to understand the project's journey. The deadline for this step is November 18th.

Teams must submit a proposal for an Embedded System Project within the following topics:

  • Agriculture/Livestock,
  • Waste Disposal and Use,
  • Pollution Problems,
  • Air quality,
  • Preserving Forests and Parks,
  • Prevention and Mitigation of the Effects of Climate.

The projects must address the following aspects:

  • Process simplification
  • Cost reduction
  • Real-Time analysis
  • Remote monitoring
  • Low energy
  • Artificial inteligence

All teams should use the template bellow for the Project Proposal, which must be uploaded to the JEMS  by June 15th.
template.docx: Image Template Docx
template.odt: Image Template.odt


SENAI Institute of Innovation – ISI-TICs

Competition Rules

The competition rules can be found here: Image REGULAMENTO ESC SENAI 2024

ESC 2024 Calendar

Proposal Submissions: until June 17th, 2024, via JEMS
Proposal selection results: up to July 1st., 2024
Partial report and video submission: October 22nd., 2024, via JEMS
Phase 2 result: up October 27th., 2024
Project Final Report Submission: Until November 18th. 2024 via JEMS
Presentation during SBESC Event: Nov 26-29th., 2024

Competition Chair

• Max Rolemberg Farias – UNIVASF