SBESC 2018 will take place at one of the University Campus

All SBESC activities will occur in conference rooms at the Ondina University Campus. The main location will be at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute (IME), the same place where the Department of Computer Science is located. Check location and address below. 

During SBESC, University will have plenty of students, who will be completing 2/3 of their second semester. Thus, conference attendees will experience how day-to-day life at UFBA is. Students would also be pleased to take advantage of SBESC being held at Campus. 


Instituto de Matemática e Estatística. Av. Adhemar de Barros, Campus de Ondina, Salvador-Bahia. 40.170-110.



Directions and distances from/to Campus (by car)

  • Airport: 25.6 KM --- about 40 min
  • Historical city center 6 Km ---  about 20 min
  • Rio Vermelho — 3 Km — about 12 min
  • Porto da Barra — 4.6 Km — about 15 min
  • Farol da Barra — 4.2 Km — about 12 min

There are plenty of hotels nearby (see Accommodation). Convenient options are in Ondina (closest to Campus), Rio Vermelho (lively region with plenty of bars, restaurants and small shops), and Porto and Farol da Barra (residential but with shops, restaurants and malls around). All these are on the cost, which means that staying there you are also able to enjoy some of the urban beaches with very beautiful views. Hotels in the historical center (in the region of Pelourinho) may also be an option, although it stays more distant and subject to traffic delays. There are also restrictions on car traffic in this area.

Some pictures illustrating what the UFBA Campus neighborhood is about, from left to right: Barra; Ondina and Rio Vermelho (these images were by Leonel Albuquerque).



If you are keen on cycling, Salvador offers a shared bike system by R$ 10.00/month (very cheap even for a week). It requires registration (see details). This may be an option to avoid possible traffic jams and delays when going to/coming from the conference. There is a bike station just outside Campus. The ride to/from Rio Vermelho or Barra could be very pleasant indeed. But be aware that in November local temperature can reach 30 celsius!

What to see/do in Salvador

In order not to risk being biased or incomplete, instead of giving details about the many options Salvador offers to its visitors, we recommend that you take some time to look around on specialized web sites.  

One important aspect to bear in mind is about the weather in Salvador in November. Although summer starts only on 21 December, during SBESC attendees will experience a summer-like weather. It is highly advisable that you take this opportunity to stay a couple of days more in Salvador and surrounds to visit lovely places, beaches and/or islands.

Where to have lunch during SBESC

There are several restaurant options close to or in the campus. More detailed information on this will be posted here before the conference starts.