Invited Talk

Branilson Luiz (SENAI CIMATEC)

Title: Challenges of the robotic development in Brazil: The ventures of SENAI CIMATEC in advanced robotics.

Abstract: The world society has become more and more demanding for sustainable products made in processes that take care of the environment, health, and safety of people at the same time that have to be profitable to the stakeholders. In this scenario, the industries need to invest in modern technologies in order to achieve production systems that avoid wastes, preserve human life and the environment. In this direction, the SENAI CIMATEC Robotics departmentdevelops a wide range of technology to create the industry of the future, from cable suspended robots for power line inspection, underwater robots used in the Oil and Gas industry and terrestrial robots for cave exploring. In those projects, many information technologies are applied, for instance, embedded electronics, real-time systems, communication systems, power systems, computer systems, computer vision, artificial intelligence. This talk aims to present the SENAI CIMATEC’s ventures in advanced robotics and its challenges to the computer scientists society. This will be made by presenting the
main projects brought by the industry, the challenges of working in edge technology in Brazil, the partnerships and research topics regarding each initiative presented.

Mr. Branilson Luiz Santos Costa holds a MSc in Mechatronics (PPGM/UFBA) and is currently doing his Ph.D. in the same program. His research is on embedded and mechatronic systems applied to robotics. His research in in the context of developing monitoring robotic systems and is carried out in the Institute of Robotics of SENAI CIMATEC.