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Modern computing systems are becoming increasingly diversified. Nowadays we hear about Systems of Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Ubiquitous Systems and so on. Many of these systems are embedded, many are subject to real-time constraints and most of them run an operating system. In this context, the term Computing Systems Engineering involves techniques related to a safe, correct and deadline-compliant development methodology for these systems.


The Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC) is an initiative of the research community originally associated with three events, the Operating Systems Workshop (WSO), Embedded Systems Workshop (WSE) and Real-Time Systems Workshop (WTR), acknowledging the strong synergy between these three areas, and also motivated by the fact that the design of computing systems is an increasingly multidisciplinary task. Since 2013, the Brazilian Conference on Critical Embedded Systems (CBSEC) is also part of SBESC. In order to further strengthen the integration between these communities and to better represent the interdisciplinarity found in many research initiatives, since 2015 SBESC is no longer divided into separated tracks. Instead, a broad list of topics of interest is presented, covering the main aspects of the original SBESC tracks.


SBESC 2018 - Best papers

DANDi: Dynamic Asynchronous Neighbor Discovery Protocol for Directional Antennas. Nicolás Gammarano, Javier Schandy, Leonardo Steinfeld (Universidad de la República)

An Embedded Automatic License Plate Recognition System using Deep Learning. Diogo Izidio (UFPE), Antonyus Ferreira (CETENE), Edna Barros (UFPE)

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Daniel Mossé (University of Pittsburgh)
Luigi Carro (UFRGS)

Symposium Dinner

Venue: Restaurante Barravento

Address: Av. Oceânica, 814 - Barra, Salvador - Phone: (71) 3247-2577

Menu: A menu will be offered with options for starter, main dish and dessert. The options include local (baiana) food and vegano meals.

Price: R$ 89,90 (not including drinking). The dinner will be paid individually at the restaurant.

Please, confirm at the SBESC reception your intention to join us for dinner (preferably until Thursday morning, 8th Nov.)


  • 05/10/2018: Preliminary program is available
  • 12/09/2018: Registration is now open
  • 14/09/2018: 55 papers were accepted (out of 127 submitted)
  • 17/09/2018: Useful information on Venue and Accommodation is available
  • 01/10/2018: 1st period for registration ends on 07 Oct
  • 06/10/2018: SBESC 2018 starts!