The Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC) is an initiative of the research community originally associated with the Real-Time Systems Workshop (WTR, since 1998), the Operating Systems Workshop (WSO, since 2004), the Embedded Systems Workshop (WSE, since 2009), and the Critical Embedded Systems Conference, acknowledging the strong synergy between these areas and the fact that the design of computing systems is an increasingly multidisciplinary task. The integration between these communities resulted in a major event in the field in Latin America, covering the main aspects of Computing Systems Engineering. The symposium is promoted by the Technical Committee on Computing Systems Engineering (CE-ESC) of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SBESC'2021 will be an online-only event from November 22 to 25. Just like in 2019, SBESC will be co-located with the Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing (LADC).

Satelite Events

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

IFIP Best Paper Award

This year, IFIP TC10: Computer Systems Technology is offering students a cash prize for the best papers (first = € 2000, second = € 1600, third = € 1400). All works presented at the event are automatically enrolled.
And the best papers of 2021 are:

  1. Lightweight Dual Modular Redundancy through Approximate Computing, by Gabriel Nazar, Pedro Kopper, Marcos Leipnitz, and Ben Juurlink.
  2. Performance Monitoring Features in EPOS, Leonardo Horstmann, José Luis Hoffmann, and Antonio Augusto Frohlich.
  3. A Multisite Characterization Study on Failure Causes in System and Applications Software, Caio Augusto Rodrigues dos Santos, Rivalino Matias Jr., Kishor Trivedi.

ESC Best Project Award

The best projects of ESC 2021 are:

Renesas track

  1. Detecção de Problemas Cardíacos em Tempo Real através da Análise do Ritmo Cardíaco Utilizando Dispositivos Embarcados, João Alex de Oliveira Bergamo, Fábio Sakuray, Wesley Attrot.

Microcontrollers track

  1. Autoy: Brinquedo IoT Adaptativo e Reconfigurável para Crianças Autistas, Laís Bandeira, Mariana Freire, Marcelo Batista da Silva, Edna Barros (this project also received the competitions' excellence prize).
  2. Flora, your indoor smart gardening solution, Júlio Tenório, Josué Neto, Vitor Silva, Edna Barros.

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