Embedded Systems Competition (ESC) 2020 

The Brazilian Embedded Systems Competition (ESC) is a competition open to undergraduate and graduate students to develop and present an innovative solution of embedded technology for market applications The competition provides the opportunity for students to create intelligent and creative systems aiming to solve many different problems shared by their community and contribute to the evolution of this segment of computing in Brazil. The focus is the development of Embedded Systems for IoT in different subareas of application.

This year the competition adopts a new format of open platform. That means, every team is free to choose the hardware/software platform that best fits its proposed project.

The competition is organized in two steps:

  • First, the teams should proceed with the early development of their projects in order to perform the Project Submission. The Project Submission Form template is linked below and should contain as much as possible technical information about the Project, as well as information regarding the current status of development and schedule for completion. A Video presentation is also required. The deadline for this step is August 28th September 13th September 20th (FIRM DEADLINE).
  • Second, the submitted Projects will be judged and the best ones will be qualified for the finals. In order to be eligible for the online presentations and final contest and prizing, the qualified teams should deliver a final report (template linked below). The deadline for this step is November 20th.



Macnica Inc. is headquartered in Japan and is one of the largest semiconductor distributors in the world. Serving customers in Asia, North America and Europe through more than 60 sales offices. With the intention of expanding the business, the Japanese distributor focused its operations in South America, especially in the Brazilian market, and in 2012, acquired the DHW.

Established in Florianópolis since its birth, DHW, founded by the Electrical Engineer, Fábio Petrassem de Sousa, who started his company with a focus on Design House, had its business branch expanded and even more present and strengthened throughout Brazil.

Currently, Macnica DHW distributes several semiconductor lines to companies that develop and manufacture electronic equipment in the country. In addition to Component Distribution, the company maintains strong projects in hardware development, and is the Official Intel / Altera Training Center in South America. Macnica DHW is also present in the academic world through the management of the University Programs of Intel / Altera and Analog Devices.

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Maxim Integrated



ESC Schedule

Submissions: Until August 28th September 13th September 20th (FIRM DEADLINE).

Submission results: from October 16th

Project Final Report delivery: November, 20th

Presentation during SBESC Event: November, 24-27th


ESC Program

    Tuesday (Nov 24)
10:30 - 11:00   ESC: YANA - You Are Not Alone
  Luana Campos Amado, Letícia Coelho Buarque Maciel, Edna Natividade da Silva Barros
15:00 – 15:30   ESC: Dispositivo vestível para auxiliar alunos tetraplégicos na navegação em Desktops
  Marcelo Martins da Silva, Rômuro Freire Férrer Filho, João Victor Ribeiro Rodrigues, Francisco Carlos de Mattos Brito Oliveira                
    Wednesday (Nov 25)
10:30 - 11:00   ESC: Herói Cuidador - Sistema de Avaliação Postural e Sobrecarga Muscular
  André Vinícius Campos Lucena, Ítalo Henrique Leça da Silva, Luisa Nogueira Costa Cavalcante, Edna Natividade da Silva Barros        
15:00 – 15:30   ESC: MUO Care - Mastitis detection from Udder Observation
  Victor Wanderley Costa de Medeiros, Lucas Matheus Santos Andrade, Rafael Jesus de Araújo Vasconcelos, Tiago da Silva Barros                 
    Thursday (Nov 26)
10:30 - 11:00   ESC: Dispositivo de Monitoramento em tempo real de trabalhadores da mineração (MonitORE)
  Anderson de Alencar Barros, Uendel Luiz Neto Couto da Silva, Djeysi Kathleen Alves, Max Santana Rolemberg Farias
15:00 – 15:30   ESC: Nomu - Sistema de Monitoramento da Qualidade, Volume e Predição de Consumo de Água
  Edna Natividade da Silva Barros, Thalisson Moura Tavares, Rafael Carneiro Reis de Souza, Lucas Job Brito Araujo                                       
    Friday (Nov 27)
10:00 - 10:30   ESC: Análise da qualidade de semeadura com dispositivos embarcados e smartphones Android utilizando processamento de imagens
  Lucas Eduardo Fischer Mulling, Flavio Gurgacz, Marcio Seiji Oyamada


Video Preparation Instructions

All teams should read these instructions for preparing the video that must be uploaded in the JEMS System: Video instructions


Report Template

All teams should use this template for the Project Final Report that must be uploaded in the JEMS System: download .pdf | download .docx


Presentation Template

All teams should use this template for the presentation that will be held online during the Competition at the SBESC: download .pptx

Presentations will be from November 24th to November 27th (schedule to be published later). 

Each team will have 10 minutes to present their project.



Competition Regulation 

You can find the competition rules here: download .pdf

Obs: regarding the formation of teams, they are allowed to be composed of students from different universities and/or education institutions, as long as the supervising professor works in at least one of those institutions.


Project submissions must follow the Project Submission Form template: download .docx

You can submit you Project here.  

IMPORTANT: You must use link above in order to submit your Project in the correct place. Projects submitted to SBESC main track will be excluded and they will not participate in the competition.



Teams have to submit an Embedded System contained in at least one of the following areas:

  • Agriculture / Livestock
  • Smart cars / home / cities
  • Health applications (including proposals aiming at minimizing the impacts of pandemics) 
  • Industrial Automation
  • Safety / Security
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Acessibility
  • Energy

Selection Criteria

  • Originality
  • Quality of specification or validation plan
  • Practical aspects of design and implementation
  • Complexity level
  • Quality and degree of success on implementation
  • Adequacy of theme

More Information

For more information contact the organizers.

Competition's history

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