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The registration allows participation in the folowing events: SBESC (Brazilian Symposium of Computing Systems Engineering), ESSE (School on Embedded Systems) and Embedded Systems Competition.

Registration fees 

Category Until Sep 30, 2017 Until Oct 15, 2017 After Oct 15, 2017
Professional (SBC member) R$ 300,00 R$ 345,00 R$ 395,00
Professional (SBESC registration + SBC association) R$ 495,00 R$ 540,00 R$ 590,00
Professional (regular registration) R$ 545,00 R$ 595,00 R$ 650,00
Grad Student (SBC member) R$ 100,00 R$ 115,00 R$ 130,00
Grad Student (SBESC registration + SBC association) R$ 175,00 R$ 190,00 R$ 205,00
Grad Student (regular registration) R$ 195,00 R$ 210,00 R$ 225,00
Undergrad Student (SBC member) R$ 60,00 R$ 70,00 R$ 80,00
Undergrad Student (SBESC registration + SBC association) R$ 80,00 R$ 90,00 R$ 100,00
Undergrad Student (regular registration) R$ 90,00 R$ 100,00 R$ 110,00
High school teacher R$ 60,00 R$ 70,00 R$ 80,00


Refunding: the deadline for requesting refund of registration fee is 25th October and the amount to be reimbursed will be 80%, the remaining 20% will cover the administrative costs of registration.

Camera Ready Submission

To submit your camera ready paper, please follow the instruction at the Paper Submission page.