Wireless Sensor Networks

(Arliones Hoeller and Antônio Augusto Fröhlich)
In this short course, we will introduce an open-source wireless sensing platform called EPOSMote. The course is organized in two parts. The first theoretical part is dedicated to introduce the main elements of a sensing platform, including Medium Access Control (MAC) and Routing protocols, resource management, particularly processing power, memory and energy, IP integration and application design. The second part follows a practical tutorial on EPOSMote. Kits will be made available to participants for the development of real applications that will reveal some of EPOS most relevant components, including its energy-aware, real time task scheduler, its sensor abstraction mechanisms and its communication stack, which includes C-MAC, a configurable Medium Access Control protocol, and a lean TCP/IP implementation.

Mobile Robotics

(Ubirajara Franco Moreno and Leandro Buss Becker)
The goal of this course is to introduce mobile robotics, including major challenges and applications, bringing attendees in touch with the main tools deployed in this field. Covered topics are: terrestrial mobile robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles ; architectures, motion control, behavior, and perception; applications; location and navigation (mapping, SLAM, sensor fusion and simulators); cooperation (architectures, planning and supervision); Platforms (sensors and embedded hardware).