II Embedded Systems Workshop (WSE 2011)

The Embedded Systems Workshop (WSE) was created in 2010 to fulfill the needs of this emerging research community in Brazil. The first edition ocurred in the scopa of the 28th Brazilian Symposioum on Computer Networks (SBRC), co-located with the Real-Time Systems Workshop (WTR) and the 4th ARTIST School for Embedded Systems in South America. This second edition is remarked as the starting point of a new journey, as now WSE will take place as part of the Brazilian Symposium of Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC), aiming to attract academics and industry partners working with Embedded Systems.

Topics of interest

Development methodologies
Formal methods and verification
Specification and modelling mechanisms
Estimation techniques
System synthesis
Synthesis of hardware-dependent software
Interface synthesis
Components and platforms
Automotive Systems
Avionic Systems
Control and Automation
HW/SW integrated design
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Sensor networks

Organizing Committee

Edna Barros (UFPE)

Program Committee

Abel Silva-Filho (UFPE)
Alexandre Trevisan (Trevisan Tecnologia)
Antônio Augusto Fröhlich (UFSC)
Carlos Eduardo Pereira (UFRGS)
Cesar Zeferino (Univali)
Cristiano Araújo (UFPE)
Dieter Schwanke (Ceitec SA)
Diogenes Da silva (UFMG)
Edson Lisboa (IFS)
Fabiano Hessel (PUCRS)
Flavio Rech Wagner (UFRGS)
Ivan Silva (UFPI)
Jean-Marie Farines (UFSC)
José Maldonado (SSC/ICMC-USP)
Leandro Buss Becker (UFSC)
Leandro Indrusiak (Univ. of York)
Lisane Brisolara (UFPEL)
Marco Wehrmeister (UDESC)
Pablo Viana (UFAL)
Paulo Maciel (UFPE)
Raimundo Barreto (UFAM)
Rodolfo Azevedo (UNICAMP)
Sergio Yovine (Univ. de Buenos Aires)