XI Workshop on Operating Systems (WOS 2014)

The Workshop on Operating Systems (WOS) was created on 2004 as a forum for the exchange of knowledge between researchers, students, and enthusiasts of operating systems, fostering the cooperation between the players through shared projects and experiences. The workshop happens annually ever since, as part of the Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society, and is, nowadays, the main brazilian event in the area of operating systems. Besides the presentation of technical-scientific works, the event offers tutorials and talks given by invited researchers. Since 2007 the workshop's best papers are published at the Operating Systems Review, the main publication of ACM's Special Interest Group in Operating Systems (SIGOPS).

In 2008, was realized the 5th edition of the event, based in Belém, which featured a lecture by Yvonne Cody (University of Victoria, Canada), titled “Systems Research: The Perfect Storm”, which attracted more than 120 people. The tutorial on "Linux Device Drivers" presented by Antônio Augusto Fröhlich (UFSC) was watched by over 250 participants, most of them college students. The sixth edition of the WSO was held in 2009 in Bento Gonçalves, while the seventh in 2010 in Belo Horizonte. Both followed the model introduced in 2007, with two days of programming, where the first for the presentation of papers, and the second to tutorials. The best articles were republished in ACM OSR. The invited talks of 2009 were "Developing Distributed Systems for Large Data Centers", taught by Marcos Aguilera (Microsoft Research, USA) and "Support Performance Counters on Linux", conducted by Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (Red Hat). The invited talk of 2010 was about the Haiku Operating System and was given by Bruno Albuquerque (Google). A detailed history of the event's past editions is available on http://www.lisha.ufsc.br/wso.

Topics of interest

  • Development Methodologies and Techniques

  • Formal Methods and Verification

  • Development Languages and Tools

  • Monitoring and Debugging

  • Performance Evaluation and Optimization

  • Quality of Service, Power Management e Resource Management

  • Sensor Networks

  • Virtualization

  • Distributed Systems

  • Multiprocessor Systems

Organizing Committee

Rafael Rodrigues Obelheiro (UDESC)

Program Committee

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