Critical Systems Track

The Critical Systems Track of the Brazilian Symposium on Computing System Engineering was established with the aim to bring together academia and industry to discuss key issues and practical techniques for the development of critical embedded systems.

Some systems have a critical nature, that is, some system's behavior can result in loss of equipment or properties, extensive damage, environmental problems, or even death of human lives. Therefore, we aim to put together a comprehensive display of relevant scientific and technological tools, applications and methodologies with social and economic impact in strategic areas such as agriculture, security and defense, automotive, aviation, satellite and environment protection.

This track has began in May 2011 through the First Brazilian Conference on Critical Embedded Systems, held in Sao Carlos, Brazil. The second edition took place in Campinas-SP, in May 2012. From 2013, we decided to join efforts with the Brazilian Symposium on Computer System Engineering.

Main Topics of Interest

The non-exhaustive list of topics may include any aspect of computing to handle critical systems, for instance:

  • Certification and Safety

  • Data Communication and Computer Networks

  • Secure Mobile and Wireless Communication

  • Dependability

  • Model Driven Engineering

  • Tools and Applications

  • Development Methodologies


  • Integration and Architecture of Systems and Software

  • Modeling Languages ​​and Formal Methods

  • Industrial Projects

  • Robotics

  • Vehicular and Sensor Networks

  • Unmanned Systems

  • Embedded Operating Systems

  • Verification, Validation and Test of Systems

Program Committee Co-chair

Alex Sandro Roschildt Pinto (UFSC)

Program Committee

Antônio Augusto Fröhlich (UFSC)
Auri Marcelo Rizzo Vincenzi (UFG)
Bert-Jan van Beijnum (University of Twente)
Cesar Zeferino (UNIVALI)
Daniel Pigatto (ICMC-USP)
Denis Wolf (ICMC-USP)
Douglas Renaux (UTFPR)
Ebrahim El'youssef (UFSC)
Edson Moreira (ICMC-USP)
Eduardo Bezerra (UFSC)
Ellen Francine Barbosa (ICMC-USP)
Fabiano Hessel (PUC-RS)
Fernando Osorio (ICMC-USP)
Flavio Wagner (UFRGS)
Frank Siqueira (UFSC)
Geraldo Pereira (ICMC-USP)
Geraldo Silveira (CTI)
Guilherme Pereira (UFMG)
Gustavo Araújo (UFSC)
Gustavo Pessin (ITV)
"Jerome Hugues" Institute for Space and Aeronautics Engineering (ISAE)
João Batista Camargo Jr. (POLI-USP)
José Azinheira (Universidade de Lisboa)
José Maldonado (ICMC-USP)
José Luiz Pio (UFAM)
José Reginaldo Hughes Carvalho (UFAM)
Kalinka Castelo Branco (ICMC-USP)
Leandro Buss Becker (UFSC)
Luciana Martimiano (Universidade Estadual de Maringá )
Luiz Castelo Branco (IFSP)
Marcos Caetano (UNB)
Mario Dantas (UFSC)
Natássya Silva (ICMC-USP)
Paulo Maciel (UFPE)
Paulo Masiero (ICMC-USP)
Raimundo Barreto (UFAM)
Regina Moraes (UNICAMP)
Rodolfo Azevedo (UNICAMP)
Romulo Silva de Oliveira (UFSC)
Tiago Semprebom (IFSC)