Registration for the III Brazilian Symposium of Computing Systems Engineering is open. Click here to access the registration page (language menu on the top right side of the page).

The table below shows the registration costs, according to the payment date and the participation categories (SBC stands for "Brazilian Computer Society").

Category Until 01/10/2013 Until 15/10/2013 At the event
Professional (SBC member) R$ 160,00 R$ 180,00 R$ 200,00
Professional R$ 240,00 R$ 270,00 R$ 300,00
Student (SBC member) R$ 40,00 R$ 45,00 R$ 50,00
Student R$ 55,00 R$ 60,00 R$ 65,00
High school teacher R$ 50,00 R$ 55,00 R$ 60,00

Obs: Registration allows participation in the folowwing events: SBESC (Brazilian Symposium of Computing Systems Engineering ), ESSE and Intel Competition.