X Workshop on Operating Systems (WOS 2013)

The Workshop on Operating Systems (WOS) was created on 2004 as a forum for the exchange of knowledge between researchers, students, and enthusiasts of operating systems, fostering the cooperation between the players through shared projects and experiences. The workshop happens annually ever since, as part of the Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society, and is, nowadays, the main brazilian event in the area of operating systems. Besides the presentation of technical-scientific works, the event offers tutorials and talks given by invited researchers. Since 2007 the workshop's best papers are published at the Operating Systems Review, the main publication of ACM's Special Interest Group in Operating Systems (SIGOPS). A detailed history of the event's past editions is available on http://www.lisha.ufsc.br/wso.

Since 2011, WOS is part of the Brazilian Symposium of Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC).

Topics of interest

System Administration and Management
Performance Evaluation and Optimization
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Power Management
Resource Management
Development Languages and Tools
Development Methodologies and Techniques
Monitoring and Debugging
Formal Methods and Verification
HW/SW Co-design
Quality of Service
Dynamic Reconfiguration, Extensibility and Adaptability
Sensor Networks and Internet of Things
Security, Trustfulness and Privacy
File Systems
Real-time Systems
Distributed Systems
Multiprocessor Systems
Fault Tolerance

Organizing Committee

Rivalino Matias Jr. (FACOM/UFU)

Comitê de Programa

Alexandre Ferreira (IBM Research)
Alexandre Sztajnberg (UERJ)
Alfredo Goldman (IME/USP)
Antônio Augusto Fröhlich (UFSC)
Avelino Zorzo (PUC-RS)
Carlos Maziero (UTFPR)
Carlos Montez (UFSC)
Celso Costa (UERGS)
Cesar De Rose (PUC-RS)
Dilma Silva (Qualcomm Research)
Douglas Renaux (UTFPR)
Edson Midorikawa (USP)
Fabiano Hessel (PUCRS)
George Lima (UFBA)
Ines Dutra (Universidade do Porto)
Islene Garcia (UNICAMP)
João Netto (UFRGS)
Lauro Whately (COPPE/UFRJ)
Luciana Arantes (Université de Paris VI)
Luciano Porto Barreto (UFBA)
Luis Almeida (Universidade do Porto)
Marcelo Goetz (UFRGS)
Marcelo Lobosco (UFJF)
Marcelo Moreno (UFJF)
Marcelo Pasin (Universidade de Lisboa)
Marco Wehrmeister (UDESC)
Mario Dantas (UFSC)
Mauro Mattos (FURB)
Morganna Diniz (UNIRIO)
Patricia Plentz (UFSC)
Paulo Maciel (UFPE)
Paulo Pedreiras (Universidade de Aveiro)
Raimundo Jose de Araujo Macedo (UFBA)
Rivalino Matias Jr. (UFU)
Rodolfo Azevedo (UNICAMP)
Romulo Silva de Oliveira (UFSC)